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Lego Jurassic Park Dinosaur

Lego Jurassic Park Dinosaur

Lego Jurassic Park Dinosaur

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Constructor LARI Dinosaur World Triceratops Attack will make Owen Grady's life rich and bright. Presented in a set of 471 parts, it will force him to devise a plan to capture an escaped dinosaur. The LEGO Jurassic World replica is a multi-functional playground. You can get to its territory only by passing the gray gate illuminated by torches. Here, as conceived by the developers of the Jurassic World Set Triceratops Attack, is an incubator. In it, eggs with reptile cubs are heated under an ultraviolet lamp. There is a carousel under the incubator, ready to give a ride to any visitor to the park. Sit in an eggshell, wait for the start and whirl in a whirlwind of incendiary dance around your axis and common center!. As for the dinosaurs of the Triceratops Attack, they are located behind the fence with the "Dangerous" sign. The fence looks like pillars located along the perimeter of the park, between which electric wires are stretched. To lure an escaped reptile, the hero of the Triceratops Assault set will need a powerful car and a carrot. Get behind the wheel of a high-speed blue buggy and "lead" the dinosaur to its destination .
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