Challenge Parking Game For Kids

Challenge Parking Game For Kids

Challenge Parking Game For Kids

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The high-rise building is equipped with 5 parking floors, which are interconnected by means of a winding motorway, equipped with a helipad and a functional automatic lift with a serpentine track. Each tier is equipped for large spacious parking lots and equipped with barriers and special signs. The lift will deliver the cars one by one to the topmost floor in order to lower them down the ring slide at lightning speed along all floors of the parking lot.

  • Automatic lift
  • Cheerful melody
  • Bright flashing backlight.

The parking lot is made of lightweight primary plastic, which has a high-strength construction, wear resistance and a bright, attractive appearance.

  • Parking
  • Figurine of a man
  • 6 cars
  • Road signs
  • Stickers


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