Hello Kitty piggy bank
Hello Kitty piggy bank
Hello Kitty piggy bank

    Hello Kitty piggy bank


      Children's safe piggy bank
      New model

      Age:  From 3 Years
      Tightens banknotes, you can lower coins.
      Combination lock, light, sound. music.
      To open the safe, you need to dial the correct code and attach a finger.
      Made of durable high-quality plastic.
      Size 20 * 14cm
      A great option for a gift.

      Instructions: electronic safe for the piggy bank with a fingerprint and ultraviolet

      1. Using a password to open the door: enter a pre-set password (default password: 0000), press the fingerprint key, and the system will open the door if the password is correct.

      2. Change Password: Password can only be changed with the door open. The user is allowed to set a new 4-digit password in accordance with voice prompts, where pressing the * ️⃣ button “means the beginning of the setting” and pressing the # ️⃣ means completion.

      3. Music mode: the system will switch to music space if the user press * ️⃣ # ️⃣ at the same time when the door is closed. In music mode, you can select songs using the number keys.

      4. To check the banknotes for authenticity, turn on the ultraviolet lamp by holding the * ️⃣ button with the door closed. After that, the ultraviolet lamp will turn on and turn off automatically after 15 seconds