Cognitive building block
Cognitive building block
Cognitive building block

    Cognitive building block


      Description: Product name: building block thumping music Suitable age: 6 months and above Packing: boxed Product material: plastic (environmental protection ABS) Packing size: 32*11*17.5cm Maintenance method: often wipe the stains on the surface of the toy with a cloth Specifications:

      ① Bright colors promote visual development The double-edge design of the building block frame has rounded edges to avoid cutting hands; the product has bright colors and rich colors. The six building blocks and building blocks have different shapes and colors to promote the baby's visual development

      ② Exercise your baby's cognitive ability Blocks of different shapes have blocks with corresponding graphics to deepen the baby's ability to recognize geometric figures and exercise the baby's ability to distinguish and recognize

      ③Three-dimensional high design package The four-corner three-dimensional high-leg design increases the space for building blocks. When all blocks are knocked to the lowest position, they can be turned over and knocked again.

      ④ Cultivate the baby's thinking space Equipped with a building block hammer, let the baby do it yourself, throw the building block into the correct frame and hit it with a hammer, which helps to move the baby's wrist to exercise arm strength; the building block gradually sinks during the tapping process, which causes the baby to think about the causal relationship