Hockey Table Game For Kids

Hockey Table Game For Kids

Hockey Table Game For Kids

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  • Hockey (or Hockey) is a very interesting game, helping to practice dexterity when using the control stick to the opponent's net.
  • With hockey table toys for children, the entire game space will be minimized, children do not need to go far but can play at their home. Babies don't need to use long sticks to play anymore
  • The game helps children to coordinate quick reflexes between their hands and eyes, move their bodies, really have better health effects than computer games or smart phones.
  • The product has a very simple structure, including a long table, a round plastic object representing the ball and two other pieces of plastic with a protruding middle part that you can hold to represent the club used. to play hockey.
  • When starting the game, you click the small button at the bottom of the table, then the plastic piece representing the ball starts to move, you have to be very quick with your hands and eyes to be able to push that ball into the opponent's goal and also cautious, protect his goal.
  • Size: 60.9x32.5x14 cm cm
    Age: 3+
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