Garbage truck
Garbage truck
Garbage truck

    Garbage truck

      Constructor LX DUBLO Garbage truck will teach the player to order. Presented in a set of 69
      parts, it will allow in a playful way to explain to the child how important it is to monitor cleanliness and
      clean up.

      Replica LEGO DUPLO is a toy vehicle. It consists of three
      transport platforms of orange, red and blue and a green tractor. In
      front of the DUPLO garbage truck tractor is a rope mount,
      grille, headlights. In the center is the driver's cab. At the rear of the vehicle is a long open body.

      A tractor truck A garbage truck hollow drags three transport platforms.
      Garbage containers with stickers indicating the type of stored in them are placed on them.

      yellow for things and household appliances;

      red for chemicals and medicine;

      blue for products made from paper, cardboard, aluminum and other materials;

      Green for food and food debris.

      The advantage of buying the DUPLO Garbage Truck is the opportunity to not only
      play an exciting game, but also to spend time with benefit. After all, it allows you to teach
      your child colors, counting, "work" in such a direction as imagination and fine motor skills.