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Set of Metal Cars 16 cars
Set of Metal Cars 16 cars

    Set of Metal Cars 16 cars


      Cars of all kinds are one of the most popular toys that boys of all ages reach for. These cars are used for various games that are limited only by the imagination and safety of children. By giving a few-year-old child a set of colorful springs, you allow the boy to play city rides, races, as well as a mechanic or a car dealership. The multitude of variants of games with the use of a set of small cars will surely make your child unable to tear himself away from his new toys.

      The set includes cars in various colors and shades:

      - gold
      - blue
      - green
      - black
      - orange
      - red

      The presented set of springs has many advantages. The main one is the construction of cars from high-quality materials that are responsible for the durability and reliability of the toys. The body is made of metal, while the bottom of the toy and wheels are made of plastic. This combination makes the cars resistant to light collisions, and playing with them means convenience and comfort. Another advantage of the cars is the realistic design, inspired by well-known models. This variety is fantastically combined with the various colors and stickers with which the springs are decorated. The interior of the toys also leaves nothing to be desired - inside you can see classic equipment, such as seats and a cockpit with a steering wheel.

      The set of cars is intended for all kids over 3 years old. It will work both as a set for one boy and equipment for a playroom or kindergarten. The springs are packed in an aesthetic, colorful box with a transparent glass-case. The set is CE marked, and its production complies with EN 71. These symbols guarantee that the requirements for children's toys are met.

      Average size of cars:

      6 cm x 3 cm x 2 cm

      Size of the package:

      27.5 cm x 17 cm x 4 cm